Clearance Specialists

Do you want to clear rubbish and clutter from youre property?

We clear and dispose of items from the following:

Houses, Attics, Cellars, Outbuildings, Building Sites, 

Offices, Farms, Factories, Gardens, Land.

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Our Process

Contact us at any time and we will arrange a suitably convenient time to meet and discuss your requirements.

We can clear houses and any out buildings of contents before a sale to make it more appealing, or after to ensure you have clear and clean area to start living your dreams.

Based in the centre of the Limousin, we have great access to the Haute Vienne, Correze and Creuse.

We recycle 90% of the items we collect; any items that can be reused are given to charities like Secours Populaire and Emmaüs

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New 7.5 tonne tipping truck now available.

Due to the increase of work, we have invested in a new vehicle allowing us to get the work done quicker and more efficiently, allowing you to get the results you want faster.


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Featured Projects

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Look at the length of the grass!

Here are a before and after example of the garden clearance work, we also removed bamboo from the left hand side to allow an increase in lawn area for the owners

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The best solutions are the simple ones!

Keeping it simple, thats the best solution.

Think about what you want to acheive. Whether its to sell your property, clear out a barn to gain some space, ensure youre builders get straight to work when they arrive or just to sit in the garden.

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A Win Win Service For Everyone

You require a highly flexible team who will work with you to acheive what you want.

Contact us and talk through your requirements, we want to help.

You get a cleaned area and you help a small company thrive and grow.                        Thank You.