About Us


Established in France since 2004, we have provided services that are becoming a necessity for selling houses. With backgrounds in recycling, metal management, engineering and waste disposal, we know its difficult to remove unwanted clutter from areas that need it. Due to the rural aspect of the Limousin, it’s a long drive to get anything done and when it’s big, bulky, dirty and smelly, its not that nice. We saw a little gap in a big market and expanded into it, we clear your rubbish so you don’t have to. WE NEVER SUB CONTRACT OUR WORK!


We have just opened a new sorting and distribution depot to ensure we are ready for business for many years to come.

Core Business

Scrap Metal

We buy the following non-ferrous metals:

Copper, Brass, Braziery, Car Batteries, Cable, Solder, GunMetal, Lead, Stainless Steel,Aluminium, Electric Motorsand Zinc


We also buy the following ferrous metals:

 Cast Iron, Steel, Light Iron, Cars, Machinery.


House and building clearance

House and Building clearance is vital for getting your property ready for sale or renovation. With you being able to show your property to its full potential, buyers can see what their dreams can become.

A bit on the side

Garden clearance          Rough Cuts



It doesn’t take long for the outside of your property to become overgrown in the spring and summer, and if you’re not there to control the grass and weeds it can get very difficult to tame. The solution to get the garden ready for mowing by you is simple, get it Jungle Busted.

Rough CutsJungle Busters are a vital part of our business, the heavy duty machinery includes a mini tractor, flail mower, BillyGoat brush cutter, clearing saws, chainsaws, strimmers and other bits of essential equipment to get it back so you can take control.



Featured Projects

Image description

Look at the length of the grass!

Here are a before and after example of the garden clearance work, we also removed bamboo from the left hand side to allow an increase in lawn area for the owners

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The best solutions are the simple ones!

Keeping it simple, thats the best solution.

Think about what you want to acheive. Whether its to sell your property, clear out a barn to gain some space, ensure youre builders get straight to work when they arrive or just to sit in the garden.

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A Win Win Service For Everyone

You require a highly flexible team who will work with you to acheive what you want.

Contact us and talk through your requirements, we want to help.

You get a cleaned area and you help a small company thrive and grow.                        Thank You.